What does your Post-WO shake look like while on a cutting cycle?

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I actually have 3 questions:

I'm used to consuming about 55 grams of whey, 50 grams of dextrose, and 50 grams of maltodextrin after training with weights. If doing cardio I keep the protein at 55 and cut the dextrose and maltodextrin in half.

Now for the questions:

1. Is that an okay Post-WO for cardio? Should there be less/more of anything?
2. Whenever I train twice a day (weights in the afternoon and cardio at night), I feel like I'm eating carbs non-stop; half the time for PWO nutrition and half the time for energy for the oncoming cardio session.
3. How can I do this while trying to cut? All the dextrose and maltodextrin's calories really add up. Would it be better to cut both weight-training's PWO and cardio's PWO carbs (and protein as well?) in half?

Bah, sorry. I'm just confused. I mean my goal while cutting is supposed to be ~2200 calories, but after weights and cardio and the shakes that go with each, I'm usually somewhere around 2700.


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for cardio postworkout when im cutting i have a whey shake in water straight after then a normal small meal within an hour afterwards which includes some carbs and plenty of protein.

you shouldnt carb up for cardio workouts as this will stop you burning as much fat while doing the cardio. That why alot of of guys like to do cardio first thing in the morning when the bodys energy levels are low and you use more bodyfat for energy during cardio. Keep your heart rate at 60 to 65% of max heart rate or perform hiit cardio for best fat burning and avoiding as much muscle loss as possible.


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I would suggest if you can try to do the cardio early in the morning on an empty stomach then a PWO shake with alot of carbs/protein then do the weights in the evening with a PWO shake with lots of protein and water and low carbs...
when cutting I try to eat my carbs in the mornings, then taper off in the evenings and up the protein.
seems to work great.


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...I agree about doing the cardio AM on an empty tummy. It seems real tough at first, but your body gets used to it inside of a week...stay at 60-65% of your max HR, as suggested above...

A slight variation, though----when i am seriously cutting, i don't have a PWO shake with carbs in it-- i just have a P+F shake 45 min's or so later (meal#1), then have all 3 more P+F meals, and finish off the day with a lift in the early evening, followed immediately by a PWO shake, and a P+C meal 1.5-2 hours later...with the P+C I take R-ALA/biotin/VS...this way, my body (hopefully) is burning fat for most of the day...

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Another option you can consider is consuming a shake during your workout, when you know that your body is going to consume the carbohydrates at that point. What I intend to try out next time I cut is to ingest a carb/protein meal before my workout, drink a small carb/protein shake during my workout, and post workout consume a whey only shake. Then for the rest of the day I'll be going with protein/fat meals. The pre-workout carb meal and in-workout shake should allow me to keep my training intensity up, and the rest of the day I should be burning plenty of fat.