What Are Essential Cooking Tools and Kitchen Items? (Comprehensive List)


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Hi Everyone,

I was thinking of a comprehensive list of cooking tools. For my job, I move almost every year.

I am currently in China, so most appliances are not as good in places such as Germany, but are a fraction of the price for the US.

Right now, I am brainstorming what is needed in my kitchen, as I want to splurge, and get into healthy eating:

1. Refrigerator with freezer component- self-explanatory. It helps keep food fresh. Fruits and vegetables, and dairy are a must.

2. Gladware, or microwavable and disposable Tupperware. It makes packing brown rice and potato lunches all the better.

3. Plates, cups silverware...again, no explanation needed.

4. Blender, makes protein shakes taste so much better than a shaker.

5. Shakers...get at least two. Helps with protein powder.

6. Rice cooker...essential for brown rice. Occasionally, eggs and other things can be done.

7. Vegetable steamer machine...helps make steamed vegetables much more efficiently than using pots and pans.

8. Microwave...great for everything, especially "baked" potatoes.

9. Steamed egg boiler...cost about 5 USD in China. Simply plug in, put in some water, and the hotplate steams the eggs within ten minutes. It turns off automatically.

10. Oven, or mini oven...essential for chicken breasts, etc. Frying just adds extra calories.

11. Ice cube maker, needed for freezing ice cubes, which are essential for protein shakes.

12. Air fryer...good to make french fries, fried fish, fried chicken, etc. actually healthy. Portions of these can be doubled, as calories.

13. Basin with scrub brush, essential for washing, before sticking and microwaving potatoes

14. About 20 seasonings:

Cooking Herbs
Mrs. Dash (All varieties)
Dijon Mustard
Potassium salt, or salt replacement
Tobasco, Cholula, Frank's Red Hot, or any other Hot Sauce
Low Sodium Soy Sauce
Low Sugar Ketchup and BBQ Sauce
Molly McButter, Butter Buds
I Can't Believe It's Not Butter
Healthy Hummus
Spice Beast
Everything Brand Seasoning
Diced garlic, onion, vegetable seasoning, cayenne pepper, onion salt, cumin, rosemary, dill
A1, Heinz 51
Sugar-Free Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce


15. Many types of fat-free dairy:

Fat-Free Skim Milk
Fat-Free Sour Cream
Fat-Free Greek Yogurt

16. Frozen berries for protein shakes...strawberries, blueberries, boysenberries...all make a world of difference

17. Staple grains:

Brown rice
Any other type...quinoa, etc.

18. Potatoes...always good and cheap, anytime

19. Whey protein powder...a staple for anyone with fat loss or muscle gain goals

20. Anything else that should be essentials, and save calories, time, money, energy in the long run?


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Did you really put a refrigerator and plates

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