Want to Try Nebido, But Am Scared? What Are The Risks of These Following?


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Hi Everyone,

As you can see from my posts, I am concerned about going on TRT, even though I want to get back on it. I could use advice. At least from the evidence, I am thinking I may not need it.

1. I am 33 years old. My fasting levels in the morning have always been around 300 - 320.

2. Although my testosterone levels have always been low for my age, I never had sexual function problems, (erectile) problems, etc.

3. I have always had a hard time with training. I trained hard but still did not gain muscle and strength as rapidly as my friends, and have a harder time losing fat. I often get iron-deficiency anemia, even though I eat enough beef. Maybe these things are related to low-T levels, maybe it has nothing to do with low-T.

4. I always had the option of being prescribed testosterone. I tried androgel in the past, as well as was legally given anabolic steroids when I live in other countries where they are legal.

I did not notice anything overtly dysfunctional about testosterone usage, even though my bloodwork changes in LH and FSH.

However, even with 5mg of oxandrolone, or those pro-hormones that were popular ten years ago such as the real Halodrol-50 or clones, other people saw roid rage, needy behavior, lack of inhibtions, etc.

Most of the time, I actually felt more vital, stronger, more energy to exercise, etc. But, for some reason, it would cause dysfunction such as roid rage out of nowhere. It was as if I had less filter to just walk away.

The hardest part was simply the unpredictability of it. Most times I would be very functional, but sometimes I was not.

5. A doctor did prescribe me Nebido, but I am afraid that it may cause negative side effects for me.

6. Is it true that if I get on it, because it is a three month dose, then I cannot stop side effects? (At least with Oral formulations, etc. they are out of your system so quickly that it does not cause problems).

7. Do you think I should take it or not? I am guessing not.

I should say that I have spent a lot of time in the gym, I know a fair amount about resistance training, eating well, etc. The problem is not those areas.


I recommend telling your doctor you want test cypionate or test E. Nebido ( or how ever you spell it) is too long of an ester and if you run into bad sides, you got a long time to wait it out of your system.

It also very important that you monitor and manage your estrogen. It sounds like the old legal steroids lowered your estrogen too much and even that makes me feel like an A-hole.