underdosed Nolva and oral solution conversion


I've read that the generic Nolva is underdosed since the citrate portion takes up rough a 1/3 of the weight. So rather than making an oral solution at 20mg/ml could you add 1.5 grams of tamoxifen citrate powder to 48 or 49ml everclear and make the solution the same way? If not I can just use 74ml of everclear but im just checking to make sure the solution wont become oversaturated or what have you at 30mg/ml. thanks


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I think it would work just fine but I'm not positive since I've only used everclear for dissolving other hormones (always worked fine for this.) You could always add another 25ml of everclear if you had too though and dose at 1.5ml to get your desired 30mg per ml.

I also believe your correct that 20mg nolva pills contain an actual amount around 30mg to make up for ester wieght; although most people, including myself have done well at the 10-20mg dosage when run in conjuction with a cycle to stave off estrogenic sides. (Clomid doesn't discount ester weight, so you're fine there.) Good luck on your conversion!
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