TRT: IGF-1 vs HGH Add On?



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Ill post and update on my situation and wanted to get some feedback from the board. I was talking to a TRT doc today about my past TRT efforts and the pros and cons (I came off for fertility reasons) I saw when on Test. Earlier today my urologist also called to tell me that my boys are back and can swim. So the good news is we are back in the game on that front (no pregnancy yet) but first things first...

The new TRT doc told me that they offer a "baby kit" (my understanding is its HCG and Gonadatropin) and I am curious if I should even try this is my sperm levels are back and "good" according to the uro?

Also - the TRT doc asked if I wanted to get back on and if so why. my main reason is recovery and energy levels. I dont recover from a really hard workout or long run Like I used. She said that HGH is an option but if pure recovery is my main goal and I dont want to "bulk" that IGF1 might be the better option... but first I should get bloodwork full (350 bucks) and go from there.

Whats the biggest advantage of going the IGF route (assuming with test?) vs a Test and HGH combo?
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