Test Injections Newbie questions

bubble boy

OK, I'm 56 and through talking with some even older guys at my gym who take test I decided to
try it out. This is not through a doctor. So I started out at 125 twice a week for roughly 5 weeks and bumped it up to 250 twice a week for 3 weeks. Through it I had experienced some headaches, and some fatigue but wasn't sure it was related. I was seeing nice results strength, size and looks wise. I also managed to get some sinus cold that lasted 2 weeks. I was taking Arimidex 1/2 pill with every injection. It was suggested I bump up to 500 every other day to see if that helped lethargy and headaches. Which it did for a bit and then I managed to get flu like symptoms. Odd because I never get sick and now twice in 2 months.....could it be related?
I'm now on the fence if I should just go off test altogether. and since I've only been on for 3 months what would be the best way to do that...taper down over months. Any thoughts on staying on/ going off and sideseffects of either? I will add that sex drive isn't where I would like it to be either. same to lower that when I started.

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