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Hi guys

First off, thanks to @xR1pp3Rx for picking me to run Enhanced Formulations Stanopro (Androsterone product). Each bottle comes with 120 caps, dosed at 125mg per cap. I'll be running it at 3 caps a day, spaced out with breakfast, lunch and pwo.

My goals for this cycle is to increase strength/numbers on most of lifts and lean out a little as well. Other supplements include staples such as whey, creatine, EAA's and preworkouts (currently cycling between Juice daddy and Ghost Legend V4). Since i'm trying to lean out, i'll be keeping carbs pretty low and having them only around my workouts. I try and do 30min of cardio every day and weights at night (5 days a week). I recently went through a few months of doing a push/pull split, but i'm back to doing one muscle group a day.

I finished an epiandro/4-andro/androsteron run earlier in the year, and while i know these compounds are very different and i'm only taking this product solo, i'll compare the two runs with each other. For PCT i'll do lose dose clomid and probably m-test as well.

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