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well i wont be doing this cutting cycle for about 2months (end of summer) but i always research and plan and save some money ahead of time. this is what i was looking into as far as supplement-wise for my cutting cycle. when i get nearer to the cycle i will post a diet and workout up for suggestions and help, but for now im just looking into the supplement part so give me some ideas and tips and any help!

Week 1-4

*2 caps of SAN's Tight (1 in morning, 1 in middle afternoon)

*Desiel Fuel Reloaded (2 in morning, 1 in middle afternoon)

*Now Food's CLA (3g in morning/noon/night)

*AR Nutrition Glutamine (5g in morning, 10g pre workout, 5g at night)

*Optimum 100% whey (post workout)

*1fast400 ALA (2g a day)

i may find a low carb MRP to take for breakfast or when i need an extra meal.

Week 5-8

*Desiel Fuel Reloaded (2 in morning, 1 mid afternoon)

*Now Foods CLA (3g morning/noon/night)

*Glutamine - 15g a day (same as above)

*100% whey post workout (same as above)

*PBL's Trx (1 morning/noon/night)

*Syntrax Beta3 (3 caps morning/noon/night)

was thinking of using some T-heat after i get done with SAN's tight. only thing is desiel fuel reloaded contains 3mg of yohimbine, will this be to much yohimbine or what. thoughts on the t-heat are wanted. also may try some r-ala during week 5-8. any other **** you think i could add in there :)

other than that, gonna do a low fat/carb and high protein diet like usual. will do a keto diet somewhere during cutting cycle. cardio will mainly be of running, boxing, swimming, basketball, and biking 4-5 times a week for 30minutes. i will have more on training/diet later but what do you guys think? im going all out :D

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