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This is a product review for the house blend from StraightUpKratom.

A huge thank you for allowing me to try your products!

Packaging: pics are below. The label was discreet.

Taste: Ive had some strains that taste so strong and bitter its almost unbearable. Like powdered vomit. This house blend is fairly mild comparatively, its doable for sure. Its some of the most mild flavored kratom powder ive had.

Effects: tossed and washed 8 grams at 9:30. I use kratom often and have a slight tolerance. 8 grams for me would likely be 6 grams for a new user.

The first effects are around 9:55 (+25 minutes) it feels like a warm body glow in my lower abdomen and legs, and my body is relaxed. I tweaked my neck last night and the pain is subsiding.

10:00 (+30m) the warm body feeling and relaxation has grown. I feel okay just hanging out watching TV where normally i feel antsy. The pain in my neck is basically gone.

10:15 the warm feeling and relaxation has grown slightly. Theres no mental sedation or energy to speak of. So far i like this. No nausea. I feel like theres a mood boost, i feel positive.

10:30 more of the same effects. This blend of kratom feel balanced, not too sedative or energetic, but its got a nice warm relaxing feel. My mind feels relaxed and calm but not clouded. I dig it.


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