Starting a cycle lgd4033 rad 140 yk11

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Hey guys and gals new here not a complete rookie when it comes to this stuff just gonna give a brief overview real quick
I'm 35 6' 172lbs male.
Weeks 1-2 10mg lgd-4033 20mg rad-140 5mg yk-11
Weeks 3-4 20-40-10
Weeks 5-6 30-60-15
Weeks 7-8 40-80-20
Weeks 9-10 TBD based on how I feel. I've been taking my blood pressure. Any input would be appreciated and sorry if this is not in the right forum. I'll keep yall updated on my progress I'd like to surpass 200lbs before this over and I lose some of the gains.


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rad has a half life of around 60 hrs contrary to what was thought originally and still mentioned on outdated websites. I like 10-15 mg a day stacked with lgd it keeps the moonface down and also something to note ive only noticed hairloss on rad when i was taking 20 mg a day and was going strong for a week or two it was like too much built up in my system and i started mega shedding. if I was you Id keep it below 20 preferably max 15...rads benefits are aggression in the gym and a dry look take 5-10 mg preworkout I prefer sublingal and youll get both those benefits and not much on week 11 and im taking 10 mg lgd 5mg rad in the morning sublingally before work & 7. 5-10 mg yk also before work and then another 5-10mg rad and 10 mg yk11 afterwork/preworkout and I love it. rad and yk definitely synergize the rage just be cool man and dont do too much. to be fair though ive switched/stacked different compounds allot kept my body responding to lower doses I believe got some anavar and test coming up soon :) just my anecdotal experience best of luck
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In for results. Lol Never seen doses that high on sarms. If this is not a troll post better keep any eye on blood pressure.