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So pretty much Its been a personal Goal of mine to hit a 500 pound bench natty for a while now. Making pretty solid progress so far. My plan is to possibly start to research and decided if I want to take any Anabolics after I reach this goal. So a little background info, started lifting in HS like most, at the tender age of 15 just to be fit and big I guess. Started out bench pressing 115 for 8 reps and over the first 2 and a half years progressed up to a 1RM of 295lbs. At the point in time I decided to shift over from bodybuilding/fitness style lifting to powerlifting. Did some crap program and got to 335 for 3. Then after trying numerous homemade programs I managed to worm my way up to 365. Got stuck there for a while and stumbled across westside which is what I'm currently doing. After about close to a year on westside I got up to 385 1RM. I plane on doing westside for a few more weeks and then possibly take a break and try out the 6-week gorilla bench program and see how I like it. So for anyone who happens to give any sort of **** about what I'm doing feel free to tag along. I workout sat/tue/thurs and will update hopefully on those days. Ill post yesterday's max effort workout right below.


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8/13/13 Tuesday: Max Effort

-future method w/strong bands(blue)

-80% back off set 415x10

-isometric bench holds
495x5 seconds
495x5 seconds
405x20 seconds

-standing overhead rope press
*its a double pulley so the weight is lighter than it says
85x50 reps
120x12 reps
130x12 reps
140x12 reps
120x 12 reps

45 pound plate for 3x15

3x15 80lbs
1x30 40 lbs

55lbs 4x10 30 second breaks fifth set go to failure(15 reps)

-hammer curls
4x10 20 lbs 30 sec break fifth set go to failure(20reps)


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8/15/13 Thursday: Weak link training

I use this day to bring up either the bottom half or top half of the press. I've been struggling with the bottom so I've been working on that for the past few weeks

-Pause Bench Press
2x6,5 295lbs 2 second pause

-Incline DB Press
2x15 75 lbs

-Plyometric in/out push-ups

-Shoulder press machine
*its like a mix between machine and free weight
2x8 200lbs

-Cuban Press
3x10 20lbs

-External Rotations
3x10 w/band

-Internal Rotations
3x10 w/band

-Lateral raise into external rotation
3x10 5lbs

Overall it was a decent day, I struggled on the pause rep bench I think it had to do with my triceps being so sore from Tuesdays workout. I think it was that one set of 50 I did really set me over the edge. Oh well can't wait till Saturdays dynamic day. It's the third week so ill do a few heavy sets after it. Gonna play around with 385 and depending on how I feel try 405 for the first time. God Bless.

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