Shoulder/RC strain or a tear?



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Now I haven't been to the doctor but thinking about going to one because of this on and off nagging pain I have when I do any pressing movements and flies. I've had pain bench pressing or incline pressing to the point where I couldnt touch and go for the past 2 years. Sometimes it would be fine and other times it would start to strain(not really painful). Mind you I cant really go normal or wide grip on bench press as of right now(only close grip) but since the past 2-3 months or so my shoulder feels strained when I do chest flies on the machine, incline hammer strength bench, or even dumbell flies(incline and flat). I dont do dumbell shoulder press or even certain machine presses because it agravates it, I can do close grip barbell shoulder press as long as it goes to my chin but not all the way down. This probably all started from me working out my chest and benching 2x a week aggravating my shoulder joint by flaring it out for years....

I've been taking oral bpc 157 for the past 2 weeks and just started with injectable bpc 157 for the past 4 days but I still cant do any type of presses. Today I worked out my chest, I used a neutral grip bar close grip on the flat bench(I felt a little strain but not too bad); but I tried incline benching on the smith with my elbows tucked(its easier to do on the smith then freeweight for me) and had alot of strain to the point where I stopped.I just ordered some cissus and animal flex. I plan on taking at least a 2 week break from chest exercises because of this nagging strain I get when I press.

Does anyone think this could be a tear; or just a strain? If I take some time off not working out my chest; would I be able to heal 90-100% or should I go see an orthopedic? Only time my shoulders felt alot better to the point where I was able to touch and go on bench and use a wider grip is when I'm on anavar or ostarine, and this is with benching 2x a week. Right now even using the slingshot I would feel a slight strain when benching.....


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Sounds like shoulder impingement. Try standing in front of a table put the palm/ hand of the injured side down on the hard/firm then slowly walk back maintaining the firmness until arm is fully outstretched and hold for 10 secs....then walk forwards back to the starting position. Repeat 5 times. It should open the joint up and stop the pain.

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