Shoulder pain/headaches



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Trying to figure out how to keep this short and simple..

I'm thinking back in 2016, I was running a sustanon cycle. On flat bench, I worked my way up to the 100# db's. On my last rep, I usually bring the db's toward my thighs and sit myself upright on the bench.
That day, on that last rep, I was attempting to do that sit up motion with the db's. Evidently, I didn't breathe enough, and upon sitting, I experienced the absolute worst headache ever! I was afraid to stand up, thinking I was on the verge of passing out.
About 2 weeks went by with a very painful, dull pain on my left side of my skull. Almost felt like a very bad hangover. I went in for a CT scan and it came back negative.. They put me on anti-inflammatory meds.
2 weeks later, I had zero pain relief. I went to my personal Dr and she put me on a couple different muscle relaxers and nsaid's. About 2 weeks into that, I had significant relief. I finished off the Rx and never had it refilled.
As the years have gone by, I still get the severe headaches in the same area if im working on projects around the house. Almost like a stress related/tension headache. I pop 4 ibuprofen, lay on the couch and it eventually goes away.
These past 6+ months or so, I've been dealing with what feels like probably some major knots in my left rear trap that runs up my neck and limits how far I can turn my head to the left.
Again, when working outside, that pain travels up my trap and to the rear base of my skull, completely stopping me from doing anything.

So here's my question. Do I go back to the Dr for more meds? I hate taking prescription pills...

Should I seek a good deep tissue massage to work out the knots?

Dry needling at my chiropractors office?

Would bpc-157/Tb-500 help? Not sure i could inject myself in the rear trap..

Thanks for any information anybody might have.. Years of this has gotten old.

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