Rocket's Road Map To Vascularity with Han Swolo



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Thank you @brundel & Black Lion Research for the opportunity to run this log.

I will be running Black Lion Research's Han Swolo as per label directions for 30 days, (1) Capsules daily. I will experiment a bit with taking them fasted or with meals.

A little info on me I am 62 years old 5'5" tall and currently weigh 180lbs my goal is to get down to 175lbs and be leaner with increased muscle. A little bit of personal history, I started training 35 years ago, I lost 85lbs after changing my life style and adopting healthy workouts and eating habits which I have maintained since than.

I will be training 6 days a week with (4) days of lifting and 2-3 cardio sessions per week. I train fasted in the am (4:15 -5:30am) in my home gym.

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