ProSynthesis-17 vs. today's EEA products (more info)

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Do any of you remember HumaPro, Author L. Rea's amino acid product? Well, Author was certainly onto something, but there were several issues which prevented his product from being the best it could be.

For one, despite the amino acid ratio being better than many products of the day, the composition still wasn't ideal, as it was better suited for muscle tissue maintenance. There is a difference between the ideal amino acid ratio for muscle tissue maintenance and protein deposition (i.e., building muscle tissue).

Two, it failed to maximize protein synthesis signaling via inadequate Leucine concentrations.

Three, the overall quantity of EAAs (i.e., building blocks) was too low to maximize muscle growth...and way too low to maximize anti-catabolism (i.e. the prevention of muscle protein breakdown).

Four, it didn't contain additional growth factors, which is not necessary, but it sure is nice.

To my knowledge, ProSynthesis-17 will be the ONLY amino product on the market that contains a massive amount of EAAs (along with additional CEAAs & growth factors) in the ratio necessary for maximizing protein deposition in humans, while simultaneously preventing protein breakdown. Many people forget that anabolism and anti-catabolism are not the same thing...and that both processes can (and are) happening in the body at the same time. Only by maximizing protein synthesis (i.e., anabolism) and preventing protein breakdown (i.e., anti-catabolism) at the SAME TIME can we maximize muscle growth!

Current EEA products contains relatively small amounts of non-BCAA essential amino acids, yet recent research is abundantly clear that large quantities of properly balanced EAAs/protein are necessary for maximizing muscle growth...and they do so (partly) by preventing muscle protein breakdown. This is why studies have shown that consuming 70 grams of protein in one sitting leads to greater growth than 30 grams of protein, even when protein synthesis has been maximized in both groups through the additional consumption of high-dose leucine. In other words, 70 grams of protein is more effective than 30 grams because it is better at inhibiting muscle breakdown.

Most of today's EEA products focus solely on maximizing protein synthesis via the inclusion of large doses of leucine, but this is only part of the equation. If we want to maximize muscle growth, we must maximize protein synthesis AND prevent protein breakdown. Doing this REQUIRES large amounts of Leucine in conjunction with large amounts of the other EEAs.

ProSynthesis-17is the ONLY product (to my knowledge) that does this. Each serving contains not only optimal doses of Leucine (when taking into account competition for absorption with other amino acids), but huge doses of the other 8 EEAs...along with additional CEAAs & growth factors.

Someone might say "so what if I just took 2-3 servings of my normal EEA product?" Even if someone did that, it still would NOT equal the muscle building power of a single serving of ProSynthesis-17. Not even close. Why? Because conventional EEA products are NOT formulated with an efficient amino acid ratio.

Here is the formula of a currently POPULAR EEA product...

Leucine: 3,000 mg
Isoleucine: 1,500 mg
Valine: 1,500 mg
Lysine: 850 mg
Threonine: 850 mg
Phenylalanine: 300 mg
Histidine: 100 mg
Tryptophan: 75 mg
Methionine: 25 mg
TOTAL: 8.2 gm

What does that product look like when you take 3 servings at once?

Leucine: 9,000 mg
Isoleucine: 4,500 mg
Valine: 4,500 mg
Lysine: 2,550 mg
Threonine: 2,550 mg
Phenylalanine: 900 mg
Histidine: 300 mg
Tryptophan: 225 mg
Methionine: 75 mg
TOTAL: 24.6 gm

If you know what you're looking at, you will see that this amino acid ratio is WAYYYYYYY off in terms of amino acid efficiency. In other words, if you took 3 servings of this product (24.6 gm of total aminos), you would end up WASTING the vast majority of it. Most of the aminos could not be used for growth because the ratio is so poor.

For one, the leucine dose is too high. You don't need that much Leucine to maximize protein synthesis even when accounting for competition for absorption between aminos, so much of the leucine is wasted right off the top. Then look at the methionine dose! It is way, WAY too low. Methionine should be dosed at roughly 85% of the isoleucine dose in order to maximize protein deposition in humans. So, with 3 servings of this product containing 4.5 grams of isoleucine, it should also contain roughly 4 grams of methionine, yet it contains only 75 mg! Yes, I said 75 mg! That's 1/53rd of the dose required to balance 4.5 grams of isoleucine. Note: Most companies cut way back on the methionine dose because it interferes with product taste. In other words, taste is prioritized over effectiveness.

In order to understand why this is so VERY IMPORTANT, we need to understand what rate limiting amino acids are and how they impact the body's ability to build muscle. You see, when the body is attempting to build muscle, the "rate limiting amino acid" is the essential amino acid that is depleted first. Once the body depletes even a single EEA, muscle growth stops dead in its tracks. With methionine being included in the above product at only a TINY fraction (1/53rd) of what's needed to balance isoleucine, the vast majority of the EEAs in that product are completely wasted. As soon as methionine "runs out" (which will happen VERY quickly), the body can NOT used ANY of the other EEAs in the product to build muscle. They are completely wasted! Unless you provide the body with additional methionine, you will simply be wasting the MAJORITY of the aminos in this product.

And don't think that methionine is the only issue with this product. Its not. Even if you added the proper amount of methionine, you would then run into the same problem again ("rate limiting") with another amino acid, and then another, and then another, etc. The entire profile is off.

This is why I say that today's EEA products are nothing more than glorified BCAA products. They provide enough leucine to maximize the protein synthesis signal, but because the entire amino ratio is so poor, the body can only use a tiny portion of the other 8 EEAs within the product to actually build muscle. Considering that the EEA dose is not even that high to begin with, this is very problematic. Essentially, the body can only use a tiny dose of the already tiny dose provided. Translation: You get a miniscule dose of usable EEAs.

The Bottom Line: Today's EEA products do a horrible job of preventing muscle breakdown...and of the EEAs they do contain, only a tiny portion can actually be used to build muscle. It's like having a small number of bricks to build a house....and then not having enough mortar to use that small number of bricks. That sucks!

So, even if someone were to double-up or even triple-up the servings of their current EEA product, it would NOT be nearly as effective as ProSyntheis-17. Not only does a single serving of ProSynthesis-17 contain 2.5-3X more EEAs than today's EEA products, but it does so in a ratio that actually allows the body to use all those aminos for muscle growth at near 100% efficiency. This means that a single dose of ProSynthesis-17 is MORE effective than many servings of today's EEA products.

Once we throw in the additional CEAAs & growth factors (all of which were chosen because of their ability to further promote muscle growth), there is no comparison.

ProSynthesis-17...coming soon.

* Numerous scientific references will be provided at product release.
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I went through quite a few tubs of HumaPro I can’t wait to try this

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