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I’ve been cycling different cycles since 17. Currently 29 so no stranger to different cycles but looking to go a little bit harder with this one so some feedback if anyone has any that would be great. Looking for a good cut with solid lean muscle addition. I cruise with test cyp weekly at 200. Experienced with all different cycles test and tren have always been my favorite for good reasons.

Age - 29
Weight - 210
Height - 6’1
Bf - around 20% give or take goal is to chop to 10-15

Proposed - 14 weeks possible 16 if I’m loving it
Test cyp - 500 weekly split into two pins
Tren E - 500 weekly split into two pins
mast (3-4 weeks in) - 300 weekly one pin
Hgh - 2iu daily (plan to stay on at least 6 months)
Mk677 - 25 daily
Rad 140 - 10 daily
Anavar - 50 daily (debating on clen instead with the rest of this stack instead)
Igf1 ? Was debating to add this was not sure if it would even be worth it thoughts?

Armidex will be on hand but don’t anticipate on needing.

Only thing on this entire cycle I have never done personally is HGH the rest I’m versed on.
Thoughts? Changes? Feedback? Let’s hear it.


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Ok..guess I'm 1st..lol
Well 2ius won't yield a whole lot..personally I can't because of medical issues..but 2ius is mainly for health benefits and sleep..So,I'm hoping someone that uses it could reply..
And sence your 1st run with Growth I'd kinda think you'd want some solid feedback..Well with all of those compounds, I'm thinking that's going to be hard..
I'd say Test and Mast with HGH and just see..

Well, Hell ...just my o.2

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