phosphagen xt?


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anyone ever use this or have any feedback on it? when I use reguar powdered creatine mixed in with my postworkout shake of dextrose and whey I get awful stomach cramps, and horrible gas, so i bought a jug of this and tried it for the 1st time tonite after my workout, it has an awful taste, but it did NOT give me any cramps or gas at all, so hopefully it will work for me it has the following ingredients:

41 carbs (mix of, dextrose,maltose)
calcium 500mg
phosphorus 250mg?
sodium 35mg
creatine 10grams
taurine 1gram
4-hydroxyisoleucine 600mg


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Bro, I have used xt for the last 6 months and never had any cramps,run's or anything. To be honest it is the best creatine I have tried. I really feel the blood and get great pumps. But thats my opinon. But it is a bit on the high $ side. I think the black cherry has a better taste then the fruit punch. late.

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