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Ok I haven’t ran a cycle in a while, but have run a few before: Epi-Tren 400 stack ( First cycle ever. Definitely too much for 1st time, but had great results and PCT), Halodrol solo, Halo/Epi stack, Epi solo, SD solo, and an Alpha One/M1-4add stack (only ran 3 weeks. Even though the M1-4add probably didn’t have time to do kick in fully, I had got the gains I was looking for, and sides were becoming an issue. Really just ran liver support and AI with it. I didn’t have harsh sides with SD at all, and I know it was stupid now, but you live you learn. I’ll never run either without full cycle suppport again)

So right now I’m 6’2 and 190. Chest is pretty small. Arms, legs, traps, and core are still big and strong. Gotta little gut, nothing I couldn’t get rid of in like 3-4 weeks.

So that’s a little bit of background now need some help putting a cycle together. I want to I want to run a bulk and continue right into a cut, probably bridge it. So here’s what I’ve got:

Primal Carmage- Boladrol 2mg , Triumphalis 15mg stack new bottle of 90

Drakula- Haxadrone 35 mg, M1, 4add 20mg stack new bottle of 60

Invasion- Furazadrol 50mg, Epistane 15 mg stack new bottle of 60

Furazadrol- 50 mg new bottle of 60

M1, 4add clone- 30 mg open bottle 28 left

Stanozane- 200 mg new bottle of 90

Promagnon- 25 mg new bottle of 60

Alpha One/M1-A clone- 20 mg open bottle 21 left

Trenazone- 75mg/mL liquid about half a bottle left

Critical Mass- LGD-4033/MK-2866/5-alpha/ Arimistane stack

Erase- for AI if needed

Tamoxifen for PCT, but can get Nolva if need. Never used Tamoxifen before.

I know most are going to say just run Promagnon alone, but I’m going to South America In about 3-4 months and wanna build and cut for the beach (it’s summer down there for those who don’t know)

One idea I had:
Primal Carnage(Boladrol/Trumpalis stack) 3-4 weeks and start bridging Stanozane in 4th week or Invasion(Firazadrol/Epistane stack)

Same as one but do 10-14 day of M1A to kickstart the cycle

Primal Carnage 3-4 weeks and start bridging Invasion (Furazadrol/Epistane combo)

P-mag bridge with Invasion or Stanozane

Not sure if I wanna add SARMS (Critical Mass) or not at some point. Was thinking maybe during PCT

I know the first 3 ideas are pretty ambitious and overkill, but I handle PH’s pretty well and looking for max results with time for proper PCT in just 3-4 months. Of course the 4th is probably the smartest, but don’t think I’ll quite be where I want. I like bigger muscles over cut, but it would be nice to be cut as possible.

So tell me if I’m absolutely nuts for even considering the 1-3 or not. Is #4 sensible enough? Do you see a combo/stack that I’m not seeing with what I’ve got. And will tamoxifen be strong enough for say idea 3? Really don’t know much about it.

Thanks for any help and input bros

Will do a full cycle log Oh and diet will be on point
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Tamoxifen for PCT, but can get Nolva if need. Never used Tamoxifen before
You have a lot going on here, so I'll just point out one thing: Nolvadex is a brand name of Tamoxifen, they are the same thing.

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