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Got a bottle of Thermoamp and stoked to log it! @delsolrob knows what he's doing and this formula is simple and perfect all at the same time. He has 3 trademarked ingredients (Mitoburn, calorieburn, and forslean) to help create a trifecta of fat loss.

I have used all of these ingredients solo and in other stacked products but never in this combination. Been a fan of BAIBA since antaeus days, love PES Forslean, and grains of paradise is just icing on the cake.

Hoping to lean up and going to keep calories in a slight deficit. Also going to include some circuit training that i have been incorporating over the last couple of months.

today was my first full day and this stuff heats you up nicely. I am a big fan of non-stim fat burners as a believe they're more effective than stimulants.

starting weight this morning was 191.3

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