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Really I think it all worked great. As long as your calories are not insanely high to make you fat because of the increased hunger, I would go for the higher doses.

When I did 80mgs, I had both 30mg tabs and 10mg. So I would take 30 every day until I started eating more, got stronger. I decided to put all my effort and focus on building as much as I possibly could, by training as hard and heavy as possible. The water retention and weight gain made me so much stronger, all my lifts would go up. I increased my food intake because of the hunger amd decided I could take more of the MK since I wont ever be this strong and train this good. So I got more benefits I guess from doing that, but I gained more fat than I should have, so I started my cut earlier. The gains I got however stayed with me so thats great.

Recently I went on it up to 62.5mg. Great strength gains etc etc but my blood preassure I believe is very high because of the rapid weight gain and water retention. The strength however keeps going up!! Did 100kgs on the bench for 17 reps and recently did 110 for a super easy 11 reps with 3-4 in the tank!
Gah damn that’s exciting I think I have the diet part under control !! The rest of what u telling me about strength etc is exciting !!
Honestly the muscle fullness I get from it remind kinda of mild ph cycle

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