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Last week 13 states had major power outages due to unusual snow and ice storms. This caused shipping delays inbound and outbound. Most postal services have now resumed normal service. We are recommending that folks purchase at least a 90 day supply in case of any future disruptions. We almost never have sales this large so take advantage of the sale now!
We greatly appreciate all of our wonderful customers!

Hurry, Sale ends March 4th at 11:59 PM MST
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Coupon code does not work on bulk products
No fancy names, no gimmicks and no BS, just high quality Kratom, great customer service and a fair price.
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My girlfriend and I were trapped in it so to speak , and gym opened after three days, and I drove in it. She was in a bad mood and instead of taking post workout nutrition she took some white hula and waited a few hours, then ate, then aplogized to me for being in a bad mood

Havent taken any in a while, last time I did it was white hula four grams on an empty stomach before cardio, first thing upon awaking, and I felt high for hours, almost a bit too much, so maybe three grams next day ion empty for me, stuff seemed to hit way stronger on an empty stomach than with food, or in between meals

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