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Hey everyone i recently just purchased Java Lather Soap, and Blemish Control soap from

First off the Java Lather Soap is a coffee scent nad smells decently well, and when showering with it you smell of Coffee which isnt strong its a sweet scent really once your out the shower so dont freak out and think ur gunna reak like a coffee shop nuttn like that. But one bad part of the soap that i personally dont like is when used in the shower it makes your skin feel extremely dry so if you rubbed your hand on your arm it isnt smooth, but once out the shower its not like that its weird. When used in the shower its got a nice scent. When rubbing on your hands it feels like there are little pebbles inside the bar of soap scraping your hands but once rubbed on your skin it add scent to the soap, and smoothes your skin.
Overall the soap wasnt a bad purchase yet considering its only my first day with it and i havent used the blemish control soap yet and i shall post about that tommorrow.
Also came with free samples of scivation xtend sour apple, didnt taste the greatest so i wouldnt recommend on the taste level its supposed to help with recovery i took it immediately after workout and hopefully i wont be sore if it works i guess lol
will post more tommorow

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