I'm Going To Be Doing My First Cycle Of SD In 1 Week. I need a little Help...

sutter cane

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I got a good understanding about Superdrol through all of the research I've done, but I got a few unanswered questions. My cycle will go as followed, how does this look?

Week 1-2: Milk Thistle (2 pills daily)
Week 3-4: Superdrol (1 pill daily 1 hour prior to workout)
Week 5-6: Superdrol (2 pills daily)
Weeks 7-11: Rebound XT


1. What doses of Rebound XT do I need to take for PCT?

2. Is Rebound XT safely back on the market yet?

3. I've read that SD has a diaretic effect, should I avoid tanning beds while using SD? Or would I be fine as long as I drink enough water.

4. I know it is possible to decrease body fat while gaining muscle on Superdrol, I would like to do that due to some extra oblique fat, what would be the BEST way to ensure that I lose some fat while on SD?

5. Should I take milk thistle while on the cycle, or just before and during PCT?

Anything additional info would be great as well. Thanks