Homemade transdermal drug delivery? (Aloe-Glycerine gel)


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My goal is to improve my homemade treament of Alzheimer and Parkinsons with supplements with poor oral bioavilability

In this case resveratrol within a glycerine tinture of https://www.montanaf...datum-p35442133 not in the purpose of improving someones skin,

but to get past the skin with a therapeutical oral dose for transdermal drug delivery...that seems to suit glycerine? judged by this link https://patents.goog...EP0644746B1/en

I have tested to mix 100 mg of Japanese Knotweed glycerine-drops inside an outsqueezed portion of purchased dermal aloe gel ( primary for sun protection) as the vechile https://www.ijddr.in...ancer-5476.html and stired it together with a tootpick and then applied the new lotion to my arm. I noticed that it absorbs even though it leaves som goey-sugar on the skin that i must rinse away...but obviosly it should enter the skin

Is there any indications though? that the resveratrol have not? been absorbed into to the viable tissues and thus have entered the systemic circulation? even though it leaved the glycerine greasyness on the skin.(1)

They talk several times about glycerol! usage in this study's attemp to get resveratrol pass the skin https://www.research...ls_via_the_Skin
but my problem is that i dont understand what the conclusion was really due to bad english, perhaps you can clarify if glycerine worked or not for them and why?

Secondly "Some constituents of the A. vera gel itself also penetrated the skin and this was interestingly dependent on the molecular weight of the co-applied compounds" (1)

I will never know if my amateur formulation got itself the right molecular weight, im just interested to know if you think its likely in theory that aloe vera gel can get
glycerine into systemic circulation mixed with JKW or even my Forskolin tincture https://www.hawaiiph...eus-alc-extract
Stability of Forskolin in Lipid Emulsions and Oil/Water Partition Coefficients
To treat conditions that is not comestic!
I dont understand basal chemistry..so i have a feeling i will be dissapointed by your answer

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