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6'2" 240, 36yo. Been under the bar about 5 years now. I'm about to start a 3 week pheraplex cycle at 20/20/20. I've previously run SD, 1test and a couple nordiols. Here's my question that a search could not resolve:

Along with cycle support, I've got 2 bottles of Nolva. Now, normally 1 bottle of nolva would suffice for a pct, but I've got a bit of gyno that I've been carrying around since my late teens. What I want to do is to extend pct to attempt to reduce the bit of gyno I do have. The two bottles I have would allow:

W1: 80mg
W2-3: 60mg
W3-4: 40mg
W4-5: 20mg
W6-7: 10mg

Is an 80mg dosage of nolva too much? I know it hits the liver, but does it really hit it as much as if I would do a 4th week of pheraplex? I'll be taking the cycle support in pct as well, and probably something along the lines of diesel test for the libido issues.

Has anybody else dosed nolva at 80mg? Or dosed it for 7 weeks? Thanks.

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I really doubt that this will help your existing gyno. You should consider tackling this problem before potentially making it worse. If you search around you will see what others have done in attempts to reverse gyno. Best of luck.
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