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Hey guys - I am getting ready to cycle off a year long Prohormone cycle. i know, i know - a very stupid length for a prohormone cycle but kept prolonging the PCT cause just life happened ... missed gym days, long work hours, injuries, etc. Anyways here is what I have been taking

Dimethazine - 10mg
Msten - 15 mg
Methyl-1AD - 20mg
Methoxydienone - 15 mg

For a PCT:
I was thinking about running both clomid and Nolva at the normal dosage of 50mg and 20mg for about 8 weeks due to the length and severity of the cycle. Should I add in HCG? I was also going to run a test booster in here as well. I have done several cycles before but nothing close to this length so that's why I came here to see what you guys think.

Open to any and all suggestions/criticism.

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