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Some im planning my next run
I was thinking
Test p 100mg eod 12 weeks
Dbol 30mg ed for 6 weeks
Armidex .5 ed

Or thinking about using test e 500mg a week instead of Test p

Is igf1 worth the money compared to mk677?


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Why do you have like 12 different threads with the same question?

Your cycle looks fine, if your igf is good quality then yes it's worth it to a degree, it's not going to make a miraculous difference in your cycle, mk677 @25mg 4-5 days a week is a cheaper alternative and you can run that dose all 12 weeks, igf you gotta use for about 4 weeks then take 2-4 weeks off before starting up again, you can also combine the 2 but I personally haven't used the igf, only going on reading and my friends experience with that.

Mk I've used several times tho
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