Help with cycle



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Some im planning my next run
I was thinking
Test p 100mg eod 12 weeks
Dbol 30mg ed for 6 weeks
Armidex .5 ed

Or thinking about using test e 500mg a week instead of Test p

Is igf1 worth the money compared to mk677?

t switz

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.......hey 513......if youre asking me directly about your cycle, ill tell you that i dont know enough about the subject to respond correctly........isnt the general idea to use as little as possible to see a benefit a basic strategy........sups are only one of many numbers in the equasion?, right? fine tune all the outher, diet, lifestyle, goals, and be realistic, patient, disciplined......youre young.....preserve your natural hormone production at all costs.....looks like you have a good start on physique?, but that can come and go so develop a long term strategy, make it a part of your antiaging lifestyle.......
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