Has anyone tested any protein supplement for melamine, urea (carbamide) and/or ammonium sulphate?


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Melamine, urea and ammonium sulphate are pollutant used in milk, protein shakes and what not. What they do is when you test say the supplement or the milk for total protein and it has melamine it shows up as more protein. So the supplement may have 50% protein, but when you add a bit of melamine the test will show 75%, because the melamine has nitrogen.

I have tested some proteins for total protein content, and they all have what the label says. However I doubt this is true, they might be melamine contaminated. The test for melamine is literally 10 times more extensive, so I can't test more than one or maybe two supplements. This is why I ask if someone has tested any supplement for either of this three compounds?

Here are two links with further info about this topic:

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