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Hey guys i just started my first SUPERONE+ cycle and decided to do GVT as my training combined with the gear. I already did chest and back and god legs day , it was cruel to say the least but I feel proud of doing it and finishing , i vomited and kept it up like a man !! . Anyways i need some examples or help in the arm department, I don't know which exercises I could pick to maximize arm development and at the same time keep overtraining off, thanks guys I hope you can help in any way.

Exercise Sets Reps Tempo Rest Interval
A-1Bench Press 10 10 4-0-2 90 seconds
A-2Bent Row 10 10 4-0-2 90 seconds
B-1pecflye 3 10a12 3-0-2 60 seconds
B-2Upright Row 3 10a12 3-0-2 60 seconds

A-1Squats 10 10 4-0-2 90 seconds
A-2Deadlifts 10 10 4-0-2 90 seconds
B-1Calf Raises 3 12 2-0-2 60

That is my chest /back and legs routine guys.
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