Frontloading,Tapering,pyramiding whats best?

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Ive done alot of searching on this subject here and in other forums i am in and this subject never really gets a straight answer.

When it come to ph's which works the quickest and produces the best gains without having gains dry up to soon.

please let me know your opinions on the following opinions ive read and were told.

For example i will use a 4week cycle of 1-test transdermal as the PH of choice here.

frontloading: reason told was that ph's take 10 days to show effects so frontloading will get it into the system quicker.
400mg 1st wk
250mg 2nd wk
250mg 2nd wk.
250mg 2nd wk.

tapering: reason told was to sart off with the highest dosage and taper down to help the body come off the hormones easier in regards to your bodys recovery.
300mg 1st wk.
250mg 2nd wk.
200mg 3rd wk.
150mg 4th wk.

pyramiding: reason told was that since the receptors get saturated quickly its necessary to increase the dosage to keep gains coming.
150mg 1st wk.
200mg 2nd wk
250mg 3rd wk.
300mg 4th wk.

constant: reason was told that to just stay with the same dosage threw out the cycle as tapeing isnt neccessary and saturation once done increasing the dosage will just lead to the excess being converted to more side effects
300mg 1st wk.
300mg 2nd wk.
300mg 3rd wk.
300mg 4th wk.

Now of course correct pct after cycle is a no brainer but what are most of you guys doing and what from your experiance have produced the best results.

p.s. i use the pyramid method as i do beleive that increasing the dosage helps not creating a stale mate and allowoing the body the keep readjusting.But was wondering if a couple days of frontloading before that would be also beneficial.

thanx Marc
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