For Sale: Venom Tri-lean system box set trade/sale (Fat Loss)



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I have a Venom tri-lean box that I've opened but hardly used,
I can't handle hyperdrive very well apparently. This stack is a 3 month long cycle in one kit.

This box includes:
Hyperdrive 3.0 5 pills used of 90
Special tactics 6 pills used of 60
Lean Dreams 4 (2 servings) pills used of 60
TX thyroid support unopened, sealed
Poster with workout routines on one side and ALRI fitness models on the other, near mint condition

I'm willing to trade for it, even if what you have isn't worth the roughly $70 worth of Tri-lean, as long as I'd be interested in it. I will say the stuff is quite strong, so be smart & only take one hyperdrive pill on a full stomach when you first try it. I'll bother with pics upon request if you want them.


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