Epicatechin Breakdown (Nootropics Depot) 200mg/day



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My Experience: I ran this at 200mg/day for the past two weeks. I discontinued product because my muscles felt much more sore intra-workout and post-workout than prior to using product. Feels like it causes much more muscle fatigue by causing an increase in muscle tearing, which theoretically could lead to more muscle growth in a shorter amount of time. This is supported by scientific data that illustrates a decrease in myostatin via Epicatechin ingestion. I do feel as though this translated to a small increase in muscle growth even with less time in the gym, and even a bit of vascularity increase. However, I felt as though the muscle fatigue was a hindrance to my other cardio-related activities and I couldn't workout as frequently due to muscle fatigue. Overall, I wouldn't recommend Epicatechin for athletes, and likely not even for pure bodybuilding as it makes it harder to workout as frequently.

As far as comparing it to fellow plant steroids/metabolites, I enjoyed Beta Ecydysterone, Laxogenin, and Turkesterone much more than Epicatechin...

I will likely do a more in-depth follow-up post to this regarding the scientific literatature regarding Epicatechin and its various mechanisms of action and effects upon muscle growth and other biological markers.

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