Double Splits

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Double Spits

This tip isn’t going to be about how to “bomb and blitz� yourself into oblivion doing a double split as its usually done using high volume workloads that are so high in fact it’s best to spread it out over 2 sessions a day. Instead I’m going to discuss a way to do a double split for the guys out there with average genetics and recovery ability, that are running a typical push/pull/leg split and find the smaller muscles hit at the end of the workout suffer.

It’s pretty common to find that by the time you get around to doing biceps after back, tri’s or delts after chest, or even hams after quads that there just isn’t that much left to give. Many people in an attempt to solve this problem work shoulders on a separate day, or do chest and back together and then bi’s/tri’s on another day of the week. While this works extremely well for many. Some people just don’t recover well enough for it to be effective for them.

Another scenario a double split can be effective is for those with extremely low energy levels. I have met many trainees that are beat to hell after doing only a few hard sets. While it is clear they need to get on with GPP work, a short-term solution is to do the workout in two parts. This solution is applicable for those that:

Have a home gym
Are VERY close to the gym and have a lot of time
Have a LOT of time on their hands.

The solution is to plot out your workout and split. And do it without adding more volume than you know you can recover from well. Hit the first part of the workout early in the day, and come back in the gym and do the work that is either tough to do because of what was previously done, like shoulders after chest, or bi’s after back. I often do all my chest tricep work in the afternoon and then do shoulders in the evening. Another favorite is when doing back/bi’s/legs is to do the upper back work in the afternoon, and then bi’s and legs in the evening.

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