Cyclical Ketogenic Diet How to Guideline please


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i'm very interest in learning on how to set up a CKD properly. I know that there are very many blueprints/guidelines out there online explaining how to set one up.

but i would feel safer if you guys could reccommend one that you KNOW is that has a proper detailed outline.

edit: by proper, i mean correct macro breakdowns (for both the keto part and the carb-load part), food list, cardio recomendations, lifting recommendations, and although not as important recommended supplements.


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Well this is what I do I don't know how close it is to the CKD but it is similiar it follows closely to the NHE diet.
First you have to "set up" the diet. This basically means that you are trying to change the hormones in your body to go from using carbs as a constant fuel source and into using fat as a constant fuel source. This means no carbs for one week and no means 0. Its tough and sucks but its possible. After you have made the metabolism shift you can start to carb up again.
How I carb up is on every 3rd and 4th night such as Tuesday and Saturday. I will carb up more often when bulking of course. How I carb up is by eating my last 2 meals of that day of carbs alone. Eat at least a 100 grams per meal and space the meals out 2 hours apart. Eat starchy carbs (rice potatoes bread) as to replace muscle glycogen instead of liver glycogen. If you do desire to eat some fruit or what not make sure at leat 50-70% of your intake is starchy carbs. After your last meal wait 1.5 hours before bed to give your insulin some time to subside so that you get a proper GH secretion when you fall asleep (Gh secretion is debated heavily on this board so I am sure people will challenge that) This diet works great for me. You have to play with it some and really get anal about it when getting around the 8-10% bf. Any more questions about this and I will try and answer as best I can without having to dig through my books.

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