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Well, the majority of training I do will be "crossfit-style". More on the running side, less of the lifting side. The vast majority of the lifting will be bodyweight exercises, but will be done often and with great intensity. I'm just around 170, and would like to lean out some more while gaining strength and additional endurance all around.

*At all costs, I do not want to lose ONE STEP on my running time. I'm actually doing this to get faster, but also gain back my strength/muscle endurance in the gym. At the moment, running is the physical trait I need to work on the most.. if any of these do not help, they're out*

1. P-Slin
2. Anabolic Pump
3. Incarnate
4. Xtend
5. CordyGen5
6. Alpha Drive XL (cause it was 10 dollars, lol)

P-Slin pre-workout (running)
AP twice a day (one of those pre-lift if gymmin')
Incarnate twice a day (one pre-run, one pre-lift if so)
Xtend during any workout
Alpha Drive XL 3 times a day (one pre-run, one pre-lift)

I'm not one to really stack 3+ supplements, but I feel the recooperative qualities of Incarnate will help me really feel that much better when I'm pushing myself all week long, week after week. Alpha Drive for the strength/fat loss.

If anyone doesn't think this fits together, shout out an alternative! This candidate honestly appreciates it!

AND LASTLY, as a general question, is it unwise to take supplements with a meal high in fiber? I down oatmeal like a mad-man in the morning... does that fiber interrupt the digestion of supplements?


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