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Lecheek Nutrition's Speed Xtreme, OxyECA, & Intra Test Xtreme

All were sample packets, so my reviews are based of a single dosing.

Speed Xtreme:

I believe I heard that this version of Speed Xtreme is different from the ones that Lecheek Nutrition gave out when they first came on board here at AM, but don't quote me on that. Overall it is a pretty good pre-workout supp and from what I remember from taking the previous version I think I like this one better. I liked the first one as well, but I think it made me a little nauseous at one point. This one did not.

The fruit punch taste was good, a bit strong and sweet flavored, BUT... I only mixed it with 5oz of water. I've no doubt it would taste just right if mixed with a little more water like the directions state. I just usually like to mix my stuff in little water, throw it back, and sip plain water from there out.

It had a good clean energy, with a nice hint of Beta-tingles for me. Definitely wasn't overpowering and felt that it gave me good stamina during my 5x5 workout. Can't say I noticed too much in the way of pumps.

The last time I had Speed Xtreme I said it would make a good everyday pwo supp and I'll say it again. It does the job.

On a scale out of 10, how much I liked it and how likely I am to buy it myself... 6/10


Holy sh*t. This is a damn good product. Period.

It is very similar, but not exactly the same as that other product out there with "Oxy" in the name. Which is a good thing in my opinion cause really like that other product.

Strong motivating energy that lasts a long time and really good appetite suppression.

I would want to run this for awhile to be sure, but based of my one dose trial, we definitely have an alternative to OEP available here. This is immediately going on to my "To Buy Next" list.

On a scale out of 10, how much I liked it and how likely I am to buy it myself... 10/10

Intra Test Xtreme:

BCAA's, Glutamine, DAA

This mixes well, tastes great, and no doubt does it's job as an intra well. I enjoyed drinking this during my workout and I usually don't drink anything except water during my workouts. I did truthfully water it down though simply because I particularly do not like sweet drinks during my workout and prefer just water. At 12-14oz it was good to quench my thirst.

I did enjoy it, but am fairly ambiguous about the DAA in it. I prefer my BCAA's to be fortified with electrolytes. Though, from what I can tell the majority of Lecheek Nutrition's products have DAA in them at a somewhat lower dose so when you stack there products you get the full serving of DAA. This would be something for people to note, but I understand what they are doing there and see the reasoning behind it. Not a turn off per se, just something to note.

On a scale out of 10, how much I liked it and how likely I am to buy it myself... 4/10

Please feel free to hit me up with any questions about my thoughts if anyone has any


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