Considering Mid Cycle Stack - How about FeedBack



I haven't ran an oral cycle for two years, and I've been off the board that long. Well I lurk from time to time and see some of the old gaurd still remains.

That last cycle was ACL Tren @ 90mgs and ACL TT-40 @ 90 mgs ran together for 6 weeks. I had good results, I loved the cycle, though I was shut down hard. Hell I didn't want to nail the GF and even couldn't get it up one night late in the cycle. My PCT was solid, though it was another month after PCT until I felt all the way back.

Now I'm running the ACL Tren again at 90mgs, but I'm running it solo. I'm making gains, but I can just feel the difference of not having anything stacked with it. I don't feel anywhere near the shutdown or the explosiveness of my last cycle. Sides aren't an issue I have my full range of support supps, though the Tren always tweaks my BP a little, even with plenty of Haw- Berry.

So since I'm half way through my 6 week cycle I have to make a choice. I just feel like something is missing, this cycle lacks the kick I felt last time. So...

1. Just run the Tren out, take what I get and look towards a easy PCT.

Or... I have BCI Powerdrol a superdrol clone, that I have heard mixed reviews of.

2. I could stack it on my workout days sorta like you would if you were running a pluse. That would be 10mgs before my four workouts per week.

3. I could stack it staight on at 10mgs a day and see how it goes for the last three weeks of my cycle.

I will say I've never run Sdrol, I know the sides are a bitch. I have no idea if 10mgs is going to be cake for me or make me feel like a turd.

My PCT will be Clomid with PP TRS, but I dose my clomid higher than Eric states he feels is needed. I have more faith in the Clomid than the TRS, I have A-rom and Anastroz on hand. Never had a problem with any flare up from Tren, I've heard a zillion stories about Sdrol and it's clones, though I think a lot of guys mind **** themselves into thinking they are having a flare up.

So if you have running a Sdrol clone under your belt, and you'd like to throw out some input. I'd be happy to hear it, I'm going to have to make a decision pronto. I will say I was planning this as a solo Tren run, but it's feeling I'm missing that has lead me to consider options.

Peace, Bro's!

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