Beginner Cycle Of Havoc


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Havoc - Week 1- 5 ( 30/30/40/40/50 )
Cycle Assist - Week 1 - 5
Taurine - Week 1 - 5 ( 10g daily )

PCT Start -

Clomid- Week 6 - 10 ( 50/50/25/25 )
Lean Xtreme - Week 6 - 10 ( 3 caps )
S.A.N MyoTEST - Week 7 -11
Creatine Mono - Week 6 - 11

Supplements run through entire cycle everyday :
Liv 52
Multi vitamin
Fish oil
100mcgx3 Mod grf , 100mcgx3 Ipamorelin

Pct seems to be fine right?

Should i run cycle assist throughout pct? I heard it can actually hurt you


hey at this point I am sure youre done this cycle. in any case for anyone who reads this or for you to offer info on the experience I say this:

10g of Taurine seems a bit high. Most claim 3-6 is fine on cycle.

I've gone to 60mg/day in pulsing Havoc and to be honest I didn't notice much improvement. 40 is said to be the sweet spot and I can't imagine someone weighing 150lbs needed more than 40.

since this was your first cycle I think you could have done havoc: 10-20/20/30-40/40/40

looked pretty good though overall. You didn't get ahead of yourself as most beginners do. I think its fine to run cycle assist all the way through if doing clomid or Nolva - and that thought is based on literature - not broscience. not sure how it can hurt you.

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