Are There Any Articles On How Much X Cytomel Increases Your BMR?

SoCali Italian

New member
I'm just really curious about this. I'm in the middle of a recomp cycle that includes T3 and clen one week one off, and it seems like even eating 3500 calories a day I'm losing weight. I do HIIT twice a day (basketball) and lift 2 out of every 3 days. Right now I'm at the full ramped up 75mcg T3 dose. I'm running it with anabolics so I don't lose LBM. I don't plan on going higher.

It's kind of weird how there aren't any articles (that I can find at least) that discuss T3's action on BMR. As a side note, I think I like EC with T3 better because I feel less jittery, more energetic, and it controls the massive hunger pangs T3 gives me.

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