Any Opinions On Becoming a Cyclist? Outdoor Versus Indoor?


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Hi Everyone,

I realize I am fat and out of shape.

1. As Athlean-X explains scientifically, skinny fat is caused by two things:

- Not being in a caloric deficit
- Insufficient intensity of exercise program

It explains why some people do lots of cardio, but because their calories are not low enough and exercise intensity is too low, they just get skinny fat.

2. Interestingly, this video also demonstrates that even in a minimal caloric deficit of 200-300 calories per day, sufficient protein will allow people to build muscle and lose fat at the same time.

3. I know, I am fat and out of shape, so any diet modification and exercise in the right direction will help.

4. I am thinking about taking up cycling. When COVID finishes, I would like to take a 3-6 month leave of absence from work and cycle across a country.

I think outdoor cycling for hours a day is more comfortable than walking or running, and unlike something like the gym or swimming, it requires less equipment.


5. Of course, I am paranoid about some studies that show that in-door exercise bike and traditional cardio does not do much at all for metabolic changes:

[3] (Reference: International Journal of Obesity 32: 177-184, 2008)

6. Can anyone give any valid opinions?

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