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I have a bottle of Novedex XT that I wanna stack with a Test Booster.. I want to use a test booster that I can just taper off with, no PCT serms any of that.

So give me ur personal experience, advice and opinions. I am looking to bulk with lean muscle. I will be taking

Fish Oil
Muscle Milk
Novedex XT
???????????- YOU tell me what is best


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I'd recommend Divanil. You can try MassFX or Activate Xtreme, or if Divanex (Divanil Nutracap) ever comes in, that would be the cheapest option. Divanil + AI is a good combo.


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Vote from me for Activate Extreme, I would also add Lean Extreme as well, I totally loved that stack, no pct need with this stack. Search for info on it, good stuff!! Muscle milk has got it's place, but it may not be the best choice for a "Lean bulk", but that's my opinion. I would opt for something that didn't have the fat content, even though the fat it has is in the form of MCT's. Then again, if you can spare the calories, no biggie. The cool thing about the AE/LE stack was that after I quit it, the gains lasted and the effects tapered of gradually after going into the second week of being off it. It also took about 2 weeks for it to kick in, but I was dosing 2x2 AE and only 1x2 LE, so there's room to work with there. Any questions, lemme know!! Good luck!!

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