3500 Calories Extra Gain a Pound of Fat; What Needed to Gain a Pound of Muscle?


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Hi Everyone,

When many doctors, etc. speak about weight, they speak about "fat". For instance, saying someone is over-weight usually means they are "overly fat."

How does muscle gain work exactly?

My guess is muscles are stimulated through resistance training, specifically satellite cell activation.

Then, protein is synthesized, assuming dietary intake is sufficient.

3. What is the rule for a pound of muscle gain? My guess is that two things must happen:

a. Calories must be sufficient, so there is enough glucose, etc. to not cause deamination and gluconeogenesis.

b. There must be ample protein in the diet.

4. Is it possible for genetically gifted people to be in a caloric deficit, and gain muscle while they gain fat?

5. Any actual scientific data and studies to back this?