1st PCT Failed, 2nd Worked - Normal Test-LH w/Super High SHBG and Low FSH Levels Now



Hey guys, I lost my other account username and password (old email is gone), so using this rarely used account.

OK, the short and sweet of it, I did natural competing for years, then late 30s I decided to go to dark side and run a few cycles/GH etc. 1st cycle was 12-weeks, PCT was 6-weeks, everything worked fine. 2nd one I stretched it till 18-weeks, PCT was fine. This last one I stretched it to 21-weeks and, well the 1st and 2nd PCTs totally failed. The cycle consisted of Test Cyp (500mg a week throughout), Tren ACE (300 mg last 8-weeks), Anadrol (1st 3-weeks), Winstrol (last 4-weeks) - blasted with HCG for last two weeks, then went into PCT:

Clomid @50mg for 3-weeks then 25mg last week
Nolva @25mg for 6-weeks
DAA @12 grams weeks 1&2, then 6grams weeks 3-8
Aromasin EoD at 10mg weeks 6-7-8

Blood work after 1st PCT:
Date: 11/10/2015
Test Total: 80.5 LOW
LH: 1.4 LOW
FSH: 0.5 LOW
Free Test: 6.48 LOW
Estradiol: 17.7 (Normal) Range = 7-49
BUN/Creat Ratio: 29.9 HIGH
I felt like complete crap to say the least.

2nd PCT after blood panels came back:
Clomid 100mg for 3-weeks, then 50mg for week 4
Nolva @25mg for 4-weeks

Blood work 2-weeks AFTER the 4-week 2nd PCT (so 6-weeks since beginning of 2nd PCT): 12/10/15
Test Total: 572
LH: 5.4 (Normal)
FSH: 1.4 (LOW)
Estradiol: 14.9 (Normal)
BUN: 21 (HIGH)
BUN/Creat Ratio: 19.0 (NORMAL)

Blood work 3-weeks after blood work on 12/10 (No SERMS in me for over 5-weeks, just DAA at 6-grams a day):
Date: 1/6/2015
Test Total: 621 (Normal)
Free Test: 5.0 (LOW)
LH: 5.4 (normal)
FSH: 1.4 (LOW)
Estradiol: 17.5 (Normal)
SHBG: 106 (HIGH)
BUN: 25 (HIGH)
BUN/Creat Ratio: 28 (HIGH)
ALT: 45 (HIGH)
AST:28 (Normal)

So as of this week I have added 60-mg of Tormifene Citrate plus Aromasin E3D at 10mg (from the research I've done Torm increases FSH but also Estrogen too).

NOTE: I have been running Activate at very high doses since 12/10/2015 to try and reduce SHBG - as you can see from my blood work, that stuff does NOT work. It's complete BS. My SHBG has actually gone UP since I added it in.

NOTE #2: My glucose during all these tests was totally normal, and I usually eat right before I go to the doctor since I have to usually wait forever. Levels were between 80 and 90 each time.

1st - I am NEVER doing a cycle longer than 8-weeks ever again, I'm a fk-tard for pushing it that far out - stupid I know.

Questions - Help:
1. Any other advice about FSH increase?
2. SHBG - Other than stinging nettle/Activate/EndoSurge Turbo products any suggestions? (I am already taking in 10,000 ius of Vitamin D, 3-grams of Vitamin C a day, 1-magnesium citrate a day, and 2,400 mg of calcium.)
3. What's up with my BUN/Creat Ratio?
4. I was diagnosed with fatty liver (non-alcoholic) last year, so could my liver function be causing my high SHBG?

I have seen my doctor a few times (she's an internal medicine doc) and she referred me to an endo doctor. The endo basically said, "your testosterone is fine now, and don't worry about the SHBG or the FSH, that will probably improve with time - come back in 6-months for more blood panels."

WTF over? Seriously that was what I was told.

Thanks in advance guys.


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Damn dude that is a lot of DAA. Doubt it hindered you recovery much but higher dosing of DAA has shown to decrease test.

Most stuff goes back to normal within 6-12 months so if all else fails at least you have that. I usually just look at test when recovering, i'd like to hear someone smarter than me chime in on this.


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What I can see is you did 1st PCT 6weeks for a 12week cycle but only 4weeks for a 21weeks cycle!

At first you dose clomid low, the 2nd PCT of your last cycle was much more sensible. I would pin HCG from week 3 till the start of PCT, it would have helped more

Tren ace is a 19-nor steroid and being a derivative of Nandrolone its not easy to recover

These are my thoughts and limit knowledge I have


I know that I tried to skate around with a weak PCT and paid for it. I'm just looking for input to the questions I posed at the end of my post.


So no input on questions 1-4? Also kind of surprised how all these SHBG supplements did absolutely zero to decrease my SHBG got blood panels before, and during the use of both Activate and Endosurge Turbo. NADA zero zip. Buyer beware I suppose.


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We had some solid blood work few years ago on Testabolan for free test as it contains 3,4 divinil to help free up bound test.

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