[1st CYCLE] GW50 + k1ngs blood + nolva for test pct?



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Hello everyone!
M/26 - On the 7th week of my first test e cycle 250mg e3d for 12 weeks

I've got a few questions now..

•• I'll add hcg at week 8 or 9 to week 12 but I've never done any solving and I only have injection water. Is there a tutorial/are there any things I need to know?

•• My last dose of anastrozole will be the same time I stop injecting right? (Taking 0.25mg e2d the whole cycle)

•• I have clomid and nolva on hand. which one should I choose?
nolva 40/40/20/20 or clomid 50/50/25/25?

•• Has anyone tried GW50 during PCT? Did it help preserve more muscle and help with recovery in general?

•• Has anyone tried Olympus Labs K1ngs Blood?

Sorry for that many questions and sorry for my bad english. I just want to have it as easy as possible when I finish my cycle.

Thanks in advance!!
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