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  1. Honkafeller

    Orange Beat by Controlled Labs Log

    Thank you @Hyde and Controlled Labs for allowing me to log this Orange Beat Cardiovascular formula. I really appreciate it. Here is a little info about the product..... Orange Beat™: Cardiovascular Formula The esteemed Orange line of Controlled Labs™ products, which is focused on supporting...
  2. Honkafeller

    USA FS: Chaos and Pain Cannibal Ferox

    1 tub of Chaos & Pain cannibal $30 shipped....(SOLD) 1 Bottle of Chaos and Pain unopened. Mk-2866 90 caps/15 mg ea. $35 shipped **(Price drop $25 Shipped)**
  3. Honkafeller

    Unanswered 1-Andro and Epistane?

    Hey everyone, I have a question about running 1-Andro and Epistane together in a cycle for 6 that a stupid thing to do or is that OK ? I’ve never really seen a log on those two together. I have cycles under my belt and am old like 48-49. Would just really like others opinions on the...
  4. Honkafeller

    USA FS: 4-ad “Diandrone”

    FS: 1 bottle of Advanced muscle science 4-ad “Diandrone” 60 caps/200mg ea. $20 shipped , Pay Pal (SOLD)
  5. Honkafeller

    Unanswered Looking for a serious PWO

    Sup dudes. So, I haven’t bought a PWO in over three years and my last tub was Seismic Surge which I thought was great. My question is is there anything out there stronger because I’m seriously looking for something with some legs on it. Wondering what the hot ticket is on PWO now days.... Your...
  6. Honkafeller

    USA WTB: Super Mandro

    Sup guys. I’m out here looking to see if I could pick up a bottle of Super Mandro a little cheaper than normal...
  7. Honkafeller

    Answered Need help choosing a good Epiandrosterone

    Can someone please help me choosing a good Epiandrosterone. I have been out of the loop for a while and I’m not sure what the hot ticket is at the moment.