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  1. ChocolateClen

    Borderlands 3

    So BL3 just dropped today at 7pm EST. So who preordered and has fired it up to play a bit? What do you think? I preordered it but after firing it up and seeing my FPS at 21 on one of the lower settings I quickly said nope and ordered an external graphics card. Even my pretty solid gaming rig...
  2. ChocolateClen

    Unanswered New Training Plan

    Hey guys so I’ve been doing a lot of power application, programs etc. since I train athletes it’s almost all that we work on aside from a few hypertrophy weeks here and there to deload. I need to switch from power training to hypertrophy training, my shoulders and back just can’t handle it...
  3. ChocolateClen

    Unanswered Exem half life time

    Anyone know what the half life of exemistane is? I have to get my estrogen check later and I’m trying to figure out just how long I can run Exem before needing to stop. I have so much estrogen in me without it that that I feel like the Michelin man. Want to run it as long as possible without...
  4. ChocolateClen

    Unanswered Preserving Opened Test

    So I have some leftover test from TRT and I don’t plan on using it for a few months. Could I save it and put like .1 ml Benzyl Alcohol in it before I’m ready to use it? Obviously I’d have to recalculate the amount of test per ml but is that safe or should I just pitch it? This is assuming I’ve...
  5. ChocolateClen

    Clen’s Ongoing Log of Insanity

    Throwing this log in here because it’s gonna just be a weekly or maybe sometimes daily log of my TRT life at 22. I put this here cause once everything settles down and I get my numbers in range etc I’ll probably just blast and cruise when I want too so I figured here was the best place...
  6. ChocolateClen

    TRT at 22

    Hey guys I didn’t think I’d be posting here so soon but here I am. I got put on TRT at 22, not sure what exactly I’ll be on in terms of esters as insurance has to approve it but the doctor didn’t think it was necessary to put me on HCG with my TRT. I had a level of 233 and 290 with a repeat test...
  7. ChocolateClen

    Wagyu Steak - Best Way To Prepare And Cook

    Aight guys so I took the plunge and ordered a 1 lb grade A5 steak. I was wondering if anyone had experience preparing and cooking steaks such as this with high fat content. I was thinking just salting it and cooking it in a cast iron skillet greased with fat trimmed from the sides of the steak...
  8. ChocolateClen

    Unanswered Libido Still Shot after PCT

    Finished a cycle and feeing good, did pct and all, even extended it out. My libido is still in the tank though. Any thoughts as to why? Taking exem e3d and I wake up with morning wood, but I just can’t get in the mood like I was pre cycle. Really sucks.
  9. ChocolateClen

    Unanswered Questions for experienced HGH users

    I know my fair share about HGH, but not enough to answer this. Does HGH cause the bones in hands and feet to grow disproportionately in children if on HGH therapy? Could HGH cause a bone cancer or defect in kids on HGH therapy?
  10. ChocolateClen

    Unanswered Building a Computer (sort of)

    Prolly gonna get a lot of **** for this but I like to game quite a bit. I love macs due to their ease of use, no need for antivirus etc but the problem is their built in graphics cards aren’t the best. I’m looking at getting the new 2019 that got launched yesterday and I was wondering what...
  11. ChocolateClen

    Expiration dates for on cycle support

    So I dug out my old bottle of Arimacare pro and while I assume it’s still good to use (expired 4/18, been open but in a cool dark place) I just wanted to see if I needed to order a new bottle sooner rather than later. I was going to finish this one up but I wanted to check to be sure. I assume...
  12. ChocolateClen

    Clen’s Road to a 315 Bench, Msten DMZ log

    Aight this is gonna be short and sweet and to the point (Not). I’ve got till the 4th of July to hit 315 on my bench, from 240 about 2 weeks ago. $100 bet riding on the line nothing holding me back. Gonna run Super DMZ 2.0 for 6 weeks at 30/30/30/30/40/40 with a Nolva PCT for 4 week using...
  13. ChocolateClen

    MSten Dmz cycle

    So I’ve been out of the game for a long time, forgotten a lot of the information that I learned from people on the forum years ago. I have a few bottles of super dmz 2.0 from BSL that I saved from a previous cycle that I thought would make for a good cycle to get back in to the swing of things...
  14. ChocolateClen

    I'm back, Y'all Miss Me?

    Only been a few years so Im gonna grab one of the new mention lists Im STILL included in even though I abandoned y'all back in 2017. Some of you may remember me, some probably never heard of me but lets get this party started with the giant list... rtmilburn SFreed Ulfhednar HIT4ME...
  15. ChocolateClen


    Grabbed some of this earlier today, just wondering what the best dose for it is is and when. plamned on using it for cardio gains.
  16. ChocolateClen

    EQ and cardio vascular endurance

    So apparently EQ boosts cardiovascular endurance by stimulating RBC production, but if that's the only reason it works, why is it more effective than test which also simulates RBC production? Doesn't EPO do the same thing as well? Confused and the internet isn't helping much aside from people...
  17. ChocolateClen

    Graying at 21

    Should I be concerned and get some blood work or just embrace that ****? My dad started to gray around 25 so I'm a bit earlier than him, wondering if it's from college.
  18. ChocolateClen

    Kit Cars

    Just wonder if anyone has built one before and what people's experiences were with them. I'm looking in to building one but it's pricy so I just want to see what people think about it.
  19. ChocolateClen

    Ralox no longer working?

    So I've been running Ralox for gyno for the past few months and it went surprisingly well for the first bit, gyno decreased a lot. It seems progress has significantly slowed and I'm not seeing a reduction in my gyno anymore. I'm not sure what to do at this point, I don't want to up the dose and...
  20. ChocolateClen

    Mac OS rant

    Look I love my Mac but holy ****ing **** balls of blazing fire has it been pissing me off recently. Updated to Sierra a few weeks ago and it's gotten slower over time, weird cause it's only 2 years old. Run some scans and nothing comes up... hm odd. I look at the consol and for the first time...