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  1. fueledpassion

    A little more info on Trestolone

    Just thought I'd start a thread where we can compile a few things: 1) Any legitimate articles, sources or sites regarding information on Trestolone 2) Anyone's personal experiences w/ it and whether they used oral, transdermal or injection preparations. For those that would like to add...
  2. fueledpassion

    DSIP Thread

    I'm about 4 or 5 weeks out from finishing up my cycle. I plan on running an assortment of items in PCT to help retain and increase gains as well. The list: 1) Clomid 2) Exemestane 3) Toco-8 4) DAA 5) Ipamorelin 6) IGF-1 LR3 7) CJC-1295 (DAC) and the last item of special interest... 8) DSIP...
  3. fueledpassion

    Discussion of Blood Results and effectiveness of Triptorelin in PCT

    Hello fellow AM members! I'm excited to say that we will finally be getting some real, tangible, trustworthy blood tests to help summarize the effectiveness of a few different compounds in PCT. Hopefully, we will learn more about these particular areas of PCT approach: 1) Effectiveness of...
  4. fueledpassion

    Need some advice and feedback!

    Ok, for those of you who do not know what I've been up to lately - I've recently finished up a 7 week cutting cycle and am about to start a Triptorelin/Clomid PCT. During this time I will continue to try and cut BF down using Dexaprine, low dose Pheraplex (10mg/day), IGF-1 DES and Ipamorelin/CJC...
  5. fueledpassion

    First Cycle SD/Test - Opinions and help are welcomed!

    So this is my first cycle with real gear and I want to give you guys my plans thus far and hopefully get some helpful feedback. I'm open to changes in diet, routine, dosages and even compounds if its not too expensive for me to adjust. So here's what I've got: Stats: I'm a smaller guy but I...
  6. fueledpassion

    The PP-TRS PCT experience

    Before I get started on the details of my PCT, I think it would be important to first explain what my PH cycle consisted of and what sides I've experienced from them in order to understand what the TRS needs to accomplish and ultimately how well it does such. My cycle: Tren-Xtreme by ACL (6...