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  1. Vitruvian Man

    USA Icon One (slightly used)

    Also; Androgin
  2. Vitruvian Man

    USA Icon One (slightly used)

    Have Icon One with 8-12 pumps used (I believe 10 pumps is the exact number). I have super sensitive skin and this has not cooperated with me unfortunately. Looking for Epicatechin, Ursa Major, or Arimistane supps for trades, OBO DM offers. 👍
  3. Vitruvian Man

    BLR Androgin worth it?

    I ran solo. Noticed great sleep, HUGE pumps, and some fullness. No strength gains for me though. Overall a good product I plan to purchase again soon, if not for any other reason, the sleep benefits alone are phenomenal Even 5h sleep nights I’d wake up feeling amazing
  4. Vitruvian Man

    Do You Consider 200mg Caffeine per day too much?

    Coffee with raw honey is my go to when I’m sick Always makes me feel 1000x better
  5. Vitruvian Man

    191xt and what else?

    Nothing natural is going to keep on weight that you’re losing from physical activity. You’re simply burning more calories bc of your job then the amount you need to eat to maintain/gain weight. You need to eat more food or look into a mass gainer product. If you go the mass gainer route you’re...
  6. Vitruvian Man

    Is creatine worth it?

    When I use creatine I never notice it. When I come off for a bit then add it back in I can tell almost night and day. Every time I’ve cycled off and restarted over the last few years my close friends will always compliment that I’m looking more jacked/fuller. Strength has always been minimal...
  7. Vitruvian Man

    Stim free pre’s

    I like that there’s Epicatechin in this 🤔
  8. Vitruvian Man

    Vax'd on Roids

    The D Dimer thing comes from a doctor named Charles Hoffe. Who from what I can tell is an MD and actual practicing Dr. He claimed that after having several of his people reporting headaches and **** post-vax that he had them take this d dimer test which can identify micro-clots. He said it was...
  9. Vitruvian Man

    APEX-ALCHEMY Awesome New Logging Opportunity!!!

    I’ll throw my name in here I suppose. Have ran quite a few logs here on AM and am a huge advocate for epicatechin, it’s my favorite supplement and I’ve used it many and many of times from quite a few different brands so would be good for comparison sake.
  10. Vitruvian Man

    Becoming Invictus.

    I really don’t have much to say. I think I’ll just end the log with my verdict being “up in the air” Too many variables. I did get pretty lean and today is show day and I expect to place decently. I will have to revisit Invictus and properly review again.
  11. Vitruvian Man

    Becoming Invictus.

    Lethargy, anxiety, and just feeling overall weird. Idk how to describe. At moments I’d feel like I was disconnected from my body or something lol
  12. Vitruvian Man

    Becoming Invictus.

    UPDATE So 3.5 weeks into Invictus. About 1.5 weeks out from show. Currently down to 167.2lbs this AM, will probably drop into the 166s tomo. It’s hard to really gauge the effectiveness of this. I am dieting hard and nailing out cardio so obviously I am going to be dropping lbs. I haven’t...
  13. Vitruvian Man

    ANDROGIN new Black lion Research ANABOLIC is here.

    Pre-wo gave me ginormous pumps. If doing 3/day I’d say 1AM, 1PRE, 1PM. Or 2 pre, 1PM. I guess if you lift in the morning that would solve it also.
  14. Vitruvian Man

    Injectable carnitine vs oral

    Bump for all the guys running to give an update 👍
  15. Vitruvian Man

    Is this the ultimate Natty stack?

    What is Anabolic XT? Or has that not been revealed yet?
  16. Vitruvian Man

    USA Apex Alchemy Kronos (11KT)

  17. Vitruvian Man

    Becoming Invictus.

    Alright so a small update: Dosed .3ml day 1 Dosed .3ml AM & PM day 2 Will dose the same today-Sunday Will decide then how I feel will prob to .5ml AM/.3ml PM then in week 3 go .5/.5 as long as all is well. If you’ve followed any of my logs you may know I believe in getting the most out of the...
  18. Vitruvian Man

    Becoming Invictus.

    Goodluck dude! I saw you are dosing high but what would be the recommended dosing? Last time I used some cortisol lowering products I ended up pretty lethargic, probably tanking cortisol a bit so I believe I’m going to start on the lower end.
  19. Vitruvian Man

    Becoming Invictus.

    Salvēte! Over the next 4 weeks I will be utilizing Iron Legion Invictus as part of my contest prep. As of today I am 33 days out, my first dose will be tomorrow thus giving me 32 days of Invictus to the show date. Starting Stats: 5’11, 173.8lbs(last week daily average). I am currently racing...
  20. Vitruvian Man

    USA Apex Alchemy Kronos (11KT)

    Bump still have