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  1. Holiday deals???

    Any pre Black Friday deals going or upcoming deals on some supplements post it here.
  2. Does anyone supplement additional B3 and why?

    I started taking an additional 50mg twice a day, recently I woke up with these red patches on my hands and found out I could be deficient in b3.
  3. USA Paradoxine Anywhere???

    Looking to buy or trade for some anyone have any sns bottles left???
  4. Pre-workout?

    If antioxidants and anti inflammatories are supposed to be dosed away from training why do so many companies promote or have products that contain them in pre workout or intra workout products? This seems to be one thing I can’t figure out some say it’s ok some say it’s not most studies I have...
  5. Boron citrate dosage?

    I have a bottle of boron citrate I’ve read it only contains 5mg per 100mg of active boron, my questions is if my bottle has 5mg pills of boron citrate how many do I take to get 10mg of active boron?
  6. Helios on psoriasis?

    Any try rubbing Helios on psoriasis break outs?
  7. Bulk berberine?

    Think you can get us some bulk berberine to cap for ourselves?
  8. Best for a recomp?

    Should I run tesamorelin by itself or cjc1295 with dac and igf-lr3?? Trying to recomp a little have been bulking for the past five months.
  9. Inspiration?

    Who is your inspiration, what or who inspired you to improve yourself via muscle building?
  10. Igf-1?

    Any supplements out there with a focus on increasing the igf-1 pathway?
  11. Laxo?

    From what I seen it is between hi-tech and iconic for people having the most success with these items. Do either of these companies provide coa or do third party testing, laxo is a very tricky supplement to get sourced it seems.
  12. Aet-50?

    First wanted to say thanks for the great service ordered Friday morning and got my package this morning. I live across the country so surprised to have it today, what’s the dosing protocol on the aet and is it best to do am or pm?
  13. BRITE Emulsion Beta

    These are up for sale!!!!!
  14. Ursa Major.

    Just received Ursa Major today and applied ten half sprays. This is a strong smelling item , dries quickly let’s see how this goes got two bottles.
  15. Unanswered astragalus?

    Does anyone take astragalus I heard it is good for allergies was wondering if anyone has any experience with it. I got a bag of bulk astragalus root extract and was thinking of trying it out.
  16. Unanswered glycabiane?

    Has anyone taken this it’s online every where to be purchased for cheap. Sounds like it’s a gda potentiator of some sort.
  17. Five must supplements for bodybuilding?

    My friend asked me what are the five must supplements of bodybuilding and this is what I came up with what do u think? 1. Protein 2. Creatine 3. Taurine 4. Forskolin 5. CM
  18. Epoch or Anafuse?

    I am thinking of picking up one anyone have any experience with either??
  19. Ergonine?

    On my last tub of it are there any comparable products out there since they discontinued it.
  20. Any third party sites that test for quality of a item I ordered.

    Any place to send some pills to get tested for quality?